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Robin McKelle

Joe’s Pub / New York, NY

Music News | September 22nd, 2015

Robin McKelleRobin McKelle is undoubtedly a hardcore rock-chick: her vocals are raunchy, hard, sexy and gritty, but also bluesy, resonant and sonically powerful. McKelle took command of the stage at Joe’s Pub with radiant ease, belting out blues and funk tracks from her album, Heart Of Memphis, for which she penned 11 out of the 13 songs. Playful and charismatic, the performer warmed up the audience quickly, joking about how she preferred her bandmates who didn’t have kids– the parents always left the road for their children.

Stating that it was 95% a “true story,” McKelle sang the title track – one of the best songs from her album – with a bluesy and warm tone, and everything afterwards was a party. The audience fell in love with McKelle, with shouts and cheers constantly exploding from the seated crowd – we were itching to get out of our seats to join her groove.

When McKelle performed “Good Time,” it was almost too easy for her to get everyone out of their seats. Dropping down onto her knees and rocking out on stage, she exuded such high energy that it bombarded the audience, causing everyone to get up and dance with her. McKelle mentioned that she was told not to ask us to get up, because we surely wouldn’t join in, but with a charisma and infectious energy as powerful as hers, we all wanted to share in it and break the rules.

Escalating the dance vibe of the night, McKelle delivered powerful, pitched scream notes, wowing (and scaring) the audience. She continued to sing Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary,” keeping the audience dancing and rocking out.

The atmosphere quickly changed as she then crooned the yearning ballad, “Forgetting You,” heartfelt and magnificently, finishing with Albert King’s, “Feel Like Breakin’ Up Somebody’s Home.” Her vocal versatility and endurance are highly impressive, bringing the audience up and carrying them down with the perfectly crafted setlist, something that could only be pulled off by the undeniably talented and mesmerizing Robin McKelle.

– Jason Kwan

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New date in NYC !

Joe’s Pub has just announced the new date for the band.. really looking forwrad to our yearly date in NYC ! The band is going to deliver the Heart Of Memphis album in the big apple ! Soul fans come out…

Joe’s pub tickets

# 2 in the Soul & RNB Charts of Roots Music Report week of May 20

Good news from the USA!


Small Video from Nice/France this week end …

New Review from last week in Britanny/France!



HEART of MEMPHIS is being released today in the US & Canada !

I am so glad to announce the official release of “Heart of Memphis” in the US & Canada. The Vizztone Label Group is making this long awaited release a reality in my home country. It’s time for you all to get this gem :)


Avignon Blues Festival !

Christmas EP soon available!

We are proud to announce the release in early november of our very first Christmas EP called Merry Christmas Vol 1.

This will be followed by another one next year (as the title predicts). We had great fun recording it in Paris @ Studio Sextan last month. It had been mixed and mastered by our friends in Memphis, Scott Bomar and Brad Blackwood. We have the great horns of the talented Marc Franklin and Kirk Smothers on it as well.  The icing on the cake is done by the legendary Percy Wiggins doing a background part on one of the tracks as well.

This EP will be available on this site to order physically and digitally everywehere else ! Get yourself (and others) a little gift with great Soul Music by the fire :)


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