New review from Soul Bounce in the UK

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Robin McKelle was a name I had never heard until this morning when I stumbled across some footage of her and SoulBounce favorites Alice Russell and Sharlene Hector giving an impromptu live performance of Dionne Warwick's "Walk On By" at La Defense Jazz Festival last month. I was intrigued enough by the performance to do a little digging on Ms. McKelle and found that she is somewhat of a veteran, having released a handful of jazz albums over the

New Review of Soul Flower in the UK

Robin McKelle - Soul Flower
Robin McKelle hails from Rochester, New York and she boasts a varied and impressive music CV. Her mother sang gospel – and young Robin was righteously impressed but at 15 she took the secular route working with a number of youthful R&B groups. After taking up the piano and French horn, she studied jazz at the University of Miami before attending and graduating from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Release of “Soul Flower” in the USA & Canada

OKeh will release vocalist Robin McKelle's label debut, Soul Flower, as a digital-only release on June 11, 2013. The project, which consists of a contemporary blend of soul and rhythm & blues and mostly original tracks, debuts her new working group, Robin McKelle & The Flytones.

Porretta, Italy

Show 2011
Poretta is the capital of soul music in Europe... you wouldn't think that when you get to this little village in the mountain a day eazrly of your show. Only local people hanging outside bar and cafes, not much activity there at all. The next whne you get up, the town is filled with germans, frenchs, dutch people...every european nationality is there. I even met a gentleman from Alabam that came only for the festival. Porretta is the sister city

Watch a video of Fairytale Ending Unplugged from Studio 72

Soul Flower is number one in the Jazz Charts on it’s opening week!

Really proud of being able to top the jazz charts in France this week. Album has also come out in switzerland on Sony Music Tonight in Nice, thursday in Bobigny/france (near paris) and friday in Rambouillet/france. just come out and have fun with us....