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The CD has landed in Europe – The Looking Glass

Happy to announce that the CD has landed in Europe in stores and in the air It’s available everywhere as well as exclusive signed copies on this site ! It has been a looooong journey to make this happen and I am happy to do so on my own label – Doxie Records – It’s a bet of a new direction forward into a vibrant soul/pop atmosphere. Everyone can find something in it. Something that will inspire them either spiritually or […]


Pledge Campaign still running..

Want to thank all the Plegers whom are helping me in the project…making “The Looking Glass”. It was a strong challenge for me. New music, new band, new producer along with a new way of making a record ! It did turn out great and thanks to all the people that helped us in the process. Ideas and thoughts from different sources are always welcome and it helped me tremendously to figure out the different steps in my process. My campaign […]


Pledge for my New Album – The Looking Glass –

Hey everybody! Guess what?! NEW ALBUM TIME! I’ve been writing lots of new songs and they are amazing! Probably the best I’ve ever written! I’ve been working with Steve Greenwell (joss stone) on this album. He is producing it and putting his magic touch on it for your listening enjoyement You will discover yet another side of my music. A new departure, looking into myself, finding different ways to connect with you through my music. You will discover a more […]


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  • The Looking Glass – Signed CD
  • Merry Christmas Vol 1 - Signed EP
  • Introducing Robin McKelle – Signed CD
  • Moderne Antique – Signed CD
  • Mess Around – Signed CD
  • Soul Flower – Signed CD
  • Soul Flower – Signed Vinyl 7 inch
  • Heart Of Memphis – Signed CD
  • Heart Of Memphis – Signed Vinyl
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  • The Looking Glass – Digital Download
  • Moderne Antique – Digital Download
  • Introducing Robin McKelle – Digital Download
  • Soul Flower – Digital Download
  • Merry Christmas Vol 1 - Digital Download
  • Heart Of Memphis – Digital Download
  • Mess Around – Digital Download


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